Falling from Earth

The trouble with thinking aloud about something is that other people will hear. It is not as if your brain continuously churns out million dollar ideas anyone on the next subway seat can pick up and do ( or maybe it does, in which case leave your details in the comments, I will Investors will contact you). First of all, most of the questions we think of in our daily lives sound stupid when said out loud.(Point1: Points take time coming).

Should I put the *heavy object I am carrying right now* on the floor or on the glass table?

Should I wear my helmet on my head or hang it in front of the handle?

But we can really answer them without really thinking about them at all (i can, I hope you can too). Whether we follow the right thing to do is up to us. (Point 2: Pay attention where it gets off topic) However, If you want to make good biryani, you have to wait for the mutton to cook until the meat can just about, but not quite, slide off the bone – there is no other way. It is not up to us to debate on that (We have my years of gorging eating mutton biryani for that). It takes years to learn how to cook exquisite biryani. However as a beginner cook, you really cannot tell the subtleties of something that is still cooking. If you decide that it is done and the mutton still chewy like a chewing gum, you might as well open zomato/Tinyowl on you phone. Really!

(Point 3: The Point is an analogy) Our Earth. It took billions of years, far longer than the 5 billion years the sun has existed, for a mix of elements, light and heavy, reactive and noble, to condense into an unpretentious globe we call home. The sun cooked it, the comets seasoned it, the life that sprung forth from inanimate hydrocarbons evolved over billions of years into a species of Animalia that understands enough about the world it lives in, to be able to codify it in language and create and share it for thousands of years. That same race, with its old and growing industry is poisoning the Earth, we are overcooking our planets resources. Our Earth is still the island of life in the unforgiving vastness of space. What will we do when we cannot stay here anymore? We don’t have an App to deliver home-planets.(Kuiperkins anyone?)

So what is the solution?

Do I pick up the soggy packet of chips someone dumped on the beach last year and dispose it properly?

Do I complain to the authorities and make twitter noise about this new factory trashing a river?

Do I pay a fortune for treatment plant or pay a bribe and let benzenoids poison this river?

Do you know the answers to these questions without really thinking? Should/Shouldn’t we all know without thinking? Until we are all convinced that we are responsible for a host of problems Earth faces today and WE must do something about it today, Nothing will change. The meat will overcook and slide right off the bone to the floor. We will asphyxiate ourselves or worse if we don’t act instinctively to save our World. The sprint of life would end and Earth would go back to being the nondescript ball circling a middle aged star. That would be a shame!

So, How can we all help? Here are 5 ways –

1. Don’t organise cleanliness drives. Just clean wherever it isn’t already. Carry a zip bag in your bag/purse for waste paper and wrappers. Make sure it is zipped.

2. Seriously, Don’t waste electricity. Politely put, It’s worth more than what you pay for it. Take bath late on the weekend mornings if you like hot showers. Chances are, you won’t need the Geyser.

3. Don’t even think about wasting water. Watch any video of guys drinking their own piss for survival in a desert and imagine this every time you see someone wasting water. You will find you will be “urged” into action immediately.

4. Use one piece of tissue paper whenever you can. Never use more than three. You’d be amazed how less is enough.

5. Studio NH 47, a Bangalore based band, has created this video and song for Earth Day that falls on April 22nd each year. Green Yatra, an NGO dedicated to conservation and protection of nature, is supporting the effort.

You can create your own mashup of stirring pictures, captivating music and strong messages to get the point across. We have to start cleaning up our act now, because the clock has been ticking for some time now.

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