Lightning (fast) Bolt

You might have read my previous post on Tata Bolt – the new age hatchback of the iconic brand. If you haven’t, not to worry, Click here. Though you might be inclined to ask – Why should I? What is this Bolt? Why is it supposed to induce a faster pulse in drivers and car-worshippers alike? Well, to be fair, you wouldn’t exactly word it like that, but you would want to know why I am so gung ho about this new Tata offering!

So I jumped at a chance to take an up close and personal look at the “Red Devil”, where the power under the hood matches the chutzpah on the chrome grill; Where the turbocharger on the Revotron Engine matches the heavy duty cooling by the AC; Where the Wired and the Wireless, the oblivious and the always connected can share rave reviews about the awesome performance and handling of the car.
From Cafe Infinito to Lonavala and Back. (Not quite your “There and back again story” but considerably more exciting!) A sunday well spent at #BoltDrives with BOLT from TATA Motors in association with BlogAdda.. Finally, I got to test the weight of first hand experience behind my adulatory words and the Bolt passed (rather, zoomed through) with flying colors.


The start of the road was at Cafe Infinito in BKC, where a sumptuous breakfast spread was to be our fuel for the #BoltDrives. Once we were fed and watered, we learned about the superlative features of the car. The only turbocharged revotron(Petrol) Engine by an Indian manufacturer. The only hatchback with rugby seats and sporty steering. The specially designed connectivity suite by Harman Kardon. Seriously, you can connect to this machine via all the usual means and it will also act as your handsfree device and give you directions – Best of all, you can control the display with your connected mobile screen, be it phone, tablet or laptop. Neat isn’t it? But this is Mumbai, which lies about halfway between earth and the sun, so the feature that I loved the best on this hot and fast-moving day was “The best-in-class A/C” .

I met up with my partners in crime – Sanjay( He’s writing when not Practising here) and Omkar ( the Mad man blogs here) and we did some mandatory posing before getting behind the wheel.


Sanjay, Jigar, Omkar and me – Raring to Bolt!

We were flagged off by our friendly Tata folk, who were keen on us trying out their baby and experience the many exciting features they had proudly espoused.


But what was this?! Since we were going to go “midtown madness” until we reached the highway (just kidding), we had to make sure the car was in prime condition. Hence we had a suspension test – which when you think about it, sounds more boring than it actually is. Can you join dots to make a picture while your car does the bhangra on ____ ? (fill in with your favorite potholed road). Not unless you have a #Bolt!

But enough waiting – We were soon out on the highway (not that soon, since the drive until panvel takes about the same time, even if you have a ferrari I expect). The ride was a breeze while we listened to songs played over the voice activated radio. Then the ghats opened up.

What are winding roads, snaking up the hills
If the ride is too slow, too boring to give you the chills
(again, just kidding)


The Red Bolts on a pause while we lunch

When we reached Tiger point (our destination, which felt like it was right next to mercury) we were only alive because of the A/C. But after a short interlude of taking photos and soaking in the scorched view, we scampered back in for the cosy ride home. By the time we stopped by the CCD on the highway, halfway back to Mumbai, I was certain that Tata Bolt is easily the most affordable modern hatchback that offers the best value for fuel economy, leg space, connectivity, ease of use and much more.

You’ll believe me. You know, eventually. Just get into a Bolt. Like I did.

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